I organize weddings in which the bride and groom can express themselves without the weight of tradition. I research for you non-trivial venues and collaborate with non-commercial vendors that have the same my event vision, planning the entire wedding with a dynamic, pocket-sized and effective method called SPID (dynamic planning system) which relieves the spouses from their worries.

I believe in “What do we want to do?” and not in ” The wedding tradition says…”

How does SPID work?


I will take care of the entire planning of your wedding and I will not accept coordination or support of the single wedding day because to ensure its success I have to have a total view of the event. Budget planning, project creation and setup, documentation management and contractual consultancy. You don’t have to think about anything


I will follow- in collaboration with my specialized suppliers- the creation of your wedding project to ensure a unique experience. On the day of the wedding I will be directing your wedding with my specialized team.


You will have a personalized and password protected area where you can enter at any time to keep tabs on your wedding planning. You’ll find the appointment calendar and timing of the event, private files to manage budgets, proposals, designs and payments; I’ll share folders with you with bookable files such as guestlists, tables arrangement and guest logistics.

What makes my service unique?

My speed of communication with you both online and offline
ONLINE with pocket-sized planning
OFFLINE I will answer your questions every day in maximum 24 hours

To chat about your wedding 


We had not much time. My fiance proposed to me in Febrary and we didn't want to wait one year to get married. So we decided June. We decided also to rely on a wedding planner and Benedetta inspired us confidence and when she spoke with us we felt she was perfect for us. she has planned our wedding in 3 months and she accelerated many steps finding alternative solutions to solve some problems. It was perfect! thank you so much