Unconventional weddings 

I’m an Italian wedding planner who loves planning unconventional, personal, modern weddings in which there is a great attention to details and where all – brides, grooms and guests – are relaxed and enjoy themselves.

Imagine celebrating your wedding by hosting your guests for an entire weekend in the city where you’re getting married, making them feel at home and surprising them every day spent together.

Imagine that your day is a big party and that it doesn’t all come down to an endless dinner and cutting the cake.

Imagine your wedding as a complete experience for your guests. The spouses I follow do not have a “wedding  theme” because they like to feel free to do what they want without a rule and without the weight of tradition.

Italian wedding planner 

Thanks to my dynamic planning system – SPID – you will have your unique and esclusive event

Unconventional wedding 


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” I want to change the way wedding is seen. Not a forced path in which to follow the strict rules of tradition but a great party in which the bride and groom can be themselves “

I want your experience to be the best it can be, for this reason I always put myself in your shoes and I listen to you, I suggest you and I organize your wedding so it is not anonymous or like all the other weddings that you see around.

I give you all the time you deserve to be 100% sure you have the wedding you want.

I take care of every detail with the greatest attention and, for me, every event is unique.

If I can’t guarantee the success of the event, I don’t take the job and work only with dynamic couples who want to make an extraordinary and unusual event.

I coordinate only one event a day giving your wedding the exclusivity it deserves and every year I set out a limited number of marriages because I want to give them due attention without forgetting important details.

What newlyweds say about me 

Benedetta made our Midsummer Night’s Dream came true…

The enchanted garden with this majestic Angevin tower were the venue for the impeccable boho-country chic setting,created by Benedetta and her staff… Our every wish came on the long, fun night of our wedding…

Everything was perfect: the attention to detail from the ceremony to the Garden and the buffets that represented the five continents of the world and the idea of multiculturalism and integration that are the values we were inspired by… Benedetta was the director of our dream, the guardian angel of our Love, from the Buddhist ceremony until dawn… we didin’t have to deal with anything, we didin’t not perceive any problems, provided that there have been (we will never know probably ); it has been able to concretize our vision containing our excesses and continuous and copious ideas, without you we would not have been able to make everything so perfect without anxiety or stress of any kind… We ate, drank and danced in a wonderful bubble of love and perfection created by Benedetta

Giovanni and Stefano

We are members of the club Covid newlyweds. We had to get married in 2020 but we did it in 2022″. Yes, like many others we have to face two years of postponements. One of the misfortunes faced in our journey led us to Benny (unfortunately only 4 months before our wedding)…. If we could go back we would have turned to her from the beginning! Better late than never! With Benny there was immediately harmony and feeling.. and believe me it is fundamental in a relationship between spouses and WP!

Benny supported us in every moment of discouragement, he “adjusted the shot” of the situations still pending and above all helped us to define the last details of the great event. Her professionalism emerged not only during the months of preparation but also on the wedding day.

On that day everything can happen… but if there is nothing becomes a problem!

During the event even if you will not see her… she is there! Instead of the magic wand she has her own little radio and with a command everything magically becomes perfect! All our guests have complimented us for the attention to detail and for the management (FUNDAMENTAL) of the different moments, respecting impeccably the timing that we had shared!

We will never stop thanking her for the work she has done with dedication and for making our wedding day even more beautiful than we had dreamed

Thanks Benny

Daniele and Alessia

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