Marzia Lelli- Bride 

“What to say …. Benedetta Carpanzano is the right choice for all those spouses who love to be different: a  wonderful person, professionalism, precision. she has always a smile for everyone.
You managed to endure my compulsive precision to the detail …you helped us to make real all our fantasies creating together with your impeccable staff a great elegant wedding and great fun!
Perfect timing, all guests was transported in our small but great moment of joy ! Endless thanks”

Roberta Petroro- Bride

“You are accurate, punctual, patient, concrete and always with the solution in your pocket. Thank you Benny, you saved me, without you it would have been much more complicated.”

Andrea and Vincenzo- Grooms

“Benedetta is sensitive, organized, competent, helpful and unobtrusive. You have realized our every wish,  you have faced and resolved every setback.  You managed to create everything we could not even imagine without stress and anxiety… you are Super! Thank you Thank you Thank you”

Roberta Quattromani- Bride

“The professionalism of Benedetta with her strong experience represented the difference in the organization of my unique and special day.
Benedetta has placed the attention on all the smallest and unthinkable details ….. from the elegant setting of the Church to the choice of music after dinner…. From the supervision of the location setting to the creation of the timing… The whole event was perfect and impeccable. Thanks to Benedetta who patiently listened to my requests, fully realizing all my expectations!!  Her involvement has been the precious added value to the most beautiful day I will never forget!”

Giada Carbone- Bride

“We immediately was in harmony. I just had to tell her what I wanted and Benedetta made it a reality. Nothing was out of place and everything went exactly as we planned. Thanks to you we had the perfect day we dreamed of. Marco and I didn’t have to think about anything but just enjoying our guests and our party.”

Elisabetta Mana- Bride

“We had very little time. My fiancé asked me to marry him in February, and we didn’t want to wait a year to get married. So we decided for June. We decided to rely on Benedetta because she inspired us confidence and when she spoke with us we felt she was a practical and concrete person… and we’re not wrong. In 4 months she supported me in the wedding planning and speeded up many steps finding alternative solutions to solve some problems that occurred. Everything was perfect! Thank you so much”