” I want to change the way wedding is seen. Not an forced path in which to follow the strict laws of tradition but a great party in which the bride and groom can be themselves “


These are the three words that enclose my personality.

I always put myself in your shoes, and I want your experience to be the best it can be.

I listen to you, I suggest you and I organize your wedding so it is not anonymous or like all the other weddings that you see around.

I give you all the time you deserve to be 100% sure you have the wedding you want.

I take care of every detail with the greatest attention and, for me, every event is unique.

If I can’t guarantee the success of the event, I don’t take the job and work only with dynamic couples who want to make an extraordinary and unusual event.

I coordinate only one event a day giving your wedding the exclusivity it deserves and every year I set out a limited number of marriages because I want to give them due attention without forgetting important details.

Wedding planner in Rome: My goals are


Each element is studied in detail so that there is harmony and coherence in the planning and creativity of the event. Everything will be prepared with elegance without exceeding.


I create unconventional settings. Taking inspiration from your personality, I make your marriage an unforgettable experience for your guests. You don’t want a wedding like all the others and I’m gonna make sure it’s not.


My motto is “don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”. Your questions will be answered immediately and your requests will be answered as soon as possible. With dynamic and efficient planning you will have the assurance that everything goes as planned.