If you are a bride-to-be, you can’t not have heard to speak about the “internal” wedding planner ….in a venue.
The world is full of false myths and also the wedding sector is not protected by them. Beliefs, at times unjustified, crowd our life and convictions, based on the word of mouth, bring us to think that they are the correct choice but actually they prove to be a hole in the water… the “internal” wedding planner is part of these false myths.

Today I explain you why

I already imagine the scene: you are happy as a lark because your better half has asked you to marry you and the first thing you do it is to find the venue of your dreams.

Ok, so far so good

Even if the first thing to do should be to look for your wedding planner (and if you keep on reading the article you will discover why). You find some venues that like you and you get an appointment to visit them. 
You Arrive to the venue with your mother or your fiancé, the manager or the owner of the venue welcomes and accompanies you for a structure tour. After having viewed it you will seat to speak of the services that the venue can offer you: they can deal with the catering, the flowers, the setting, the wedding invitation and it is in this precise moment they will propose you the “internal” wedding planner

They will tell you that this person will be at your disposal, that will follow you and will manage the vendors and the planning of your marriage from the beginning to the end.


The person who will follow you won’t be a wedding planner but a component of the venue staff that will follow only what concerns the venue and the vendors proposed by them (and also in this case she/he won’t follow the whole process).

How can you do to understand if they are lying you?

It’s easy

Just make these 3 simple questions:

Question 1
“Let’s assume that I choose one of your vendors, will your wedding planner accompany me to every appointment? will he/she talk to the vendor for the possible changes? will he/she manage the contractual side? will he/she verify that all is done according to my desires?

Question 2
“Instead, if I decide to rely on external vendors, will your wedding planner follow me in the same way? can he/she deal with to talk to them when I am not available? will he/she accompany me to every appointment with the different vendors? will he/she manage the logistics for my guests that come from another city? will he/she follow the project from the beginning to the end taking himself/herself the responsibility that all the vendors follow a stylistic and organizational coherence?

Question 3
“You have said that your “internal” wedding planner will be at my disposal, will he/she be available also after 6.00 pm? Saturday and Sunday, too? For any doubt or anxiety can I contact him/her without problems? If I wanted him/her with me for the bridal gown choice would he/she accompany me?

The answer to these three simple questions will be NO. It will be no because the person that they introduce as “internal” wedding planner ” is not a wedding planner but he/she does another job and he/she works for the venue’s affairs and not for the bridegrooms’ affairs.

Who works for a venue does a marvelous job because he/she knows accurately the strengths and the weaknesses of the structure and he/she can collaborate with the wedding planner to put in evidence the strengths and to improve the weaknesses for the success of the event. It is not wrong to work for the venue’s affairs but it is another thing.

The proposal of the “internal” wedding planner also happens when you will make an appointment with a catering, a photographer, a flower designer and the three questions that you must do are also worth for them. You must find a person that follows your affairs and not the affairs of third parties.

If also you are in a situation like this and you have believed that the service of an “internal” wedding planning of a venue or of other vendors could even remotely do the job that actually the wedding planner does, it is not your guilt but of all that professionals that believe to organize such an important event two phone calls are enough.

Now I have told you the truth

You can decide not to do anything and to leave your situation as it is, relying the whole organization of the most important day of your life on a vendor that doesn’t organize events but gives a service – as to rent a venue, to make photos or to create floral settings – discovering the consequences when it will be too late or to resolve the problem looking for the right wedding planner for you.

Bye bye till the next time