“Extraordinary events don’t just happen, they are planned”

Planning an event is like creating a wonderful show and like all good shows the DIRECTION is the key element without which it would go down in flames.

What can I do for you

360° Planning Service 

I will take care of the entire planning of your wedding and I will not accept coordination or support of the single wedding day because to ensure its success I have to have a total view of the event

“First class” Civil Ceremonies 

I will guide you in the realization of the civil ceremony tailored for you. We will create together an authentic and immersive ceremony and you will arrive on the wedding day without fear of being criticized, with the certainty that the ceremony truly represents you.

Friends and relatives think that you are planning a “second class” wedding because the ceremony will not take place in a church but they will change their mind. They will be happily impressed and get emotional, abandoning their prejudices

Unconventional weddings 

I love planning unconventional, personal, modern marriages in which there is a great attention to details and where all – brides, grooms and guests – are relaxed and enjoy themselves.

Imagine celebrating your wedding by hosting your guests for an entire weekend in the city where you’re getting married, making them feel at home and surprising them every day spent together.

Imagine that your day is a big party and that it doesn’t all come down to an endless dinner and cutting the cake.

Imagine your wedding as a complete experience for your guests. The spouses I follow do not have a “marriage theme” because they like to feel free to do what they want without a rule and without the weight of tradition.

To chat about your wedding 


We had not much time. My fiance proposed to me in Febrary and we didn't want to wait one year to get married. So we decided June. We decided also to rely on a wedding planner and Benedetta inspired us confidence and when she spoke with us we felt she was perfect for us. she has planned our wedding in 3 months and she accelerated many steps finding alternative solutions to solve some problems. It was perfect! thank you so much